Safety for Coronavirus

Whilst the threat of Coronavirus remains ever prevalent, we must remain vigilant and protective of our staff at all costs. Those working on the frontline, need to know they can trust their employers to keep them safe and healthy.

We have produced a range of Covid19/Coronavirus products to help your managers and staff remain safe when working on the frontline and keep your customers safe while they do their essential duties.

Posters for use throughout the workplace are available in sizes ranging from A5 to A0, in a variety of finishes/media – also available to download.

Hand Washing Signs

Information about hygiene and hand washing is now more important than ever. Posters displaying information on hand washing and hand sanitisation can be used to direct staff and customers to the nearest places to be able to do this. Posters should be used in plentiful supply as a constant reminder to staff and customers alike.

Open & Closed Signs

While most businesses have had to temporarily close due to COVID-19, others will remain open. These open or closed business signs are available to advise your customers.


Frequently washing your hands is the most important thing that you can do to keep yourself healthy. To maintian the importance of hand washing display these hand washing signs around the workplace.

Take-away Signs

These take-away posters are ideal for food outlets that remaining open, display them in a window or door.

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