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Audio & Sound

All of our audio & sound products can be branded with your own company logo in multiple positions and are available in multiple colours. Select products below and enquire.

59 products


Mushroom 3W wireless speakerMushroom 3W wireless speaker
3W wireless speaker3W wireless speaker
3W Bamboo wireless speaker
TWS earbuds with charging base
Wireless charging lamp speaker
TWS earbuds with charging boxTWS earbuds with charging box
5.0 wireless bamboo speaker
Shower speakerShower speaker
ABS TWS earbuds
3W speaker in wheat straw/ABS
Round Bamboo wireless speakerRound Bamboo wireless speaker
Wireless headphoneWireless headphone
TWS earbuds with phone stand
Set of Bamboo wireless speaker
Ear phones with silicone covers
Round bamboo wireless speaker
3W Bamboo wireless speaker3W Bamboo wireless speaker
Recycled ABS wireless speaker
5.0 Wireless soundbar speaker
Solar bamboo wireless speaker
Wireless speaker 3W 400 mAh
Wireless speaker moon
Wireless speaker limestone
Waterproof speaker IPX7
TWS earbuds with charging base
Speaker 3W with bamboo front
Speaker Christmas ball
TWS earbuds with solar charger
Wireless speaker 2x3W 400 mAh
Wireless bamboo speaker 10W
Recycled ABS TWS earbuds
Bamboo wireless speaker
Round bamboo wireless speaker
Cork and aluminium speaker
2x5 speaker
TWS earbuds with charging case
Earphones in PS caseEarphones in PS case
Wireless bamboo speaker 2x5W
wireless headphone
Ear plug with silicone
Round cork wireless speaker
Touch light wireless speaker
Recycled PU wireless speaker
Wireless speaker tire shaped
TWS wireless charging earbuds
2x5 LED Wireless speaker IPX4
Bottle Wireless speaker/towel
Recycled ABS TWS earbuds