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Managed Print

Our managed print services (MPS) are modular as we know that our clients' needs vary and there is never a "one size fits all' approach to our print solution. In our experience, businesses tend to equip themselves for the peaks of their needs, and yet, by optimising our clients' devices, we can help you:

- Save time and improve efficiency
- Reduce costs and save money
- Improve productivity in your organisation
- Reduce capital expenditure and improve cashflow
- Reduce your environmental footprint
- Improve your information security

On-Site Services

With over 400 machines located in client locations throughout the UK and USA, including some of the most prestigious households and corporate businesses in central London, The Color Company can be referenced as a service provider you can rely on. Like many resellers in this market, we can provide a competitive solution to your in-house document and print requirements. We can supply either the latest multi-function devices (MFD) or large-scale plotters onsite for you to manage yourselves. Alternately, we can provide a more tailored solution that can potentially reduce the number of devices you hold onsite uniquely coupling this with our near-site print locations to provide a clear and tangible saving, while driving up the quality of your printed documents.

Near-Site Services

With locations strategically located throughout central London, Birmingham and the North East of the USA we are often no more than five minutes from any location. This gives us real flexibility when reviewing a client's needs. It is our experience that when machines are placed on site, the service is often designed to cover all eventualities. This can be expensive and often leads to vastly under-utilised machines and staff. We take a much more pragmatic view, looking to drive the more urgent or larger work to one of our near-site locations when required, leading to reduced fleet, staff and overheads, while also driving up the quality of the more urgent business

Our convenient locations across the UK and the USA and our 24/7 operation deliver enviable speed and flexibility. Combined with our direct relationships with the largest manufacturers of quality reprographic equipment including Xerox, Canon and Oce, our solutions also become precisely tailored to our clients' needs.

Service Levels

Service level agreements are critical to the success of our MPS engagements. Agreements must be suitably flexible and match your particular business needs, including such items as hours of service, problem resolution times and productivity levels.