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Power Banks

All of our power banks can be branded with your own company logo in multiple positions and are available in multiple colours. Select products below and enquire.

34 products


Wireless 10000mAh PowerBank
Aluminium power bankAluminium power bank
Magnetic wireless charger 10W
Wireless power bank in bamboo
Solar power bank 4000 mAh
Wireless multi speaker
6000 mAh Bamboo power bank
10000 mAh power bank with COB
4000 mAH solar powerbank4000 mAH solar powerbank
Power bank 8000 mAhPower bank 8000 mAh
Flat power bank 4000 mAhFlat power bank 4000 mAh
solar charger 8000 mAh
Slim Power Bank 2200 mAh     -22
4000 mAh Bamboo power bank
Handwarmer 4000 mAh power bank
Power bank 4000 mAh Bamboo
A4 folder w/wireless charger5W
Wireless Power bank 4000mAhWireless Power bank 4000mAh
A5 folder with power bank
Power bank bamboo 2200 mAh
Computer accessories pouch
10000 mAh Power bank
Magnetic wireless charger 15W
Wireless 4000 mAh Power bank
Wireless power bank Type C
8000 mAh solar dynamo charger
10000 mAh power bank10000 mAh power bank
Magnetic wireless charger 15WMagnetic wireless charger 15W
Solar power bank 8000 mAhSolar power bank 8000 mAh
A4 folder with power bank
Solar power bank 5000 mAh
4000 mAh Power Bank Type C4000 mAh Power Bank Type C
Wireless 10000 mAh Power bank
5000 mAh power bank with COB